January 28, 2018
general dentist in Edmonton

5 Signs You are Suffering From Temporomandibular Dysfunction

Do you have jaw pain or does your jaw feel tight? Do you grind your teeth frequently and often suffer from headaches? If yes, then chances […]
January 28, 2018
cosmetic dentistry in Edmonton

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

There’s no questioning the fact that a healthy, white smile can boost self-confidence. Today, more and more people are becoming conscious about their smile and appearance […]
January 24, 2018
can veneers fix buck teeth

Can Veneers Fix Buck Teeth?

Buck teeth or malocclusion is a defect in which the upper and the lower level of your teeth are not aligned properly. The upper front teeth […]
January 24, 2018
how long do veneers last

How Long Do Veneers Last?

A veneer is a layer of composite material which is engraved over your tooth, generally used to enhance the aesthetics of your smile and protect your […]