A Beginners Guide to Good Oral Health

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February 18, 2018
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A Beginners Guide to Good Oral Health

Oral health Edmonton

For most casual observers, maintaining adequate oral hygiene involves the simple act of brushing your teeth twice a day. And for some, it also includes the act of regularly flossing your teeth. However, there is a lot more you must do in order to maintain good oral hygiene. This is important for the long-term well-being of your teeth and gums. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself later on in life for following this beginner’s guide to good oral health in Edmonton!

Flossing Your Teeth

Your toothbrush has its limitations. There are certain areas of your mouth that the bristles of your toothbrush cannot access. Regular flossing helps you remove food particles that cling on between the gaps of your teeth. Flossing might seem like a drag within the already packed morning routine, but with certain things, you must not compromise.

Avoiding Tobacco

Alongside the obvious danger of lung cancer and throat cancer, smoking also leads to oral cancer and other periodontal complications that are equally lethal. Smoking also has other disadvantages within the context of your oral hygiene. Constant smoking leads to a gradual discoloring of your teeth and this doesn’t bode too well for your smile. Other undesirable effects of smoking include bad breath, which has obvious social and professional ramifications.

Consuming Calcium-Rich Foods

Consuming calcium-rich foods do a lot of good to your bones as well as your teeth. Regular intake of calcium-rich foods improves the strength of your teeth and gums. Studies have stated a lack of calcium intake drastically increases your chances of suffering from periodontal complications and gum diseases. Calcium-rich foods include broccoli and dairy products such as milk, yogurt, and cheese. Dental experts maintain that consumption of calcium-rich foods results in a marked improvement in your oral health in Edmonton.

Cleaning Your Tongue

An often underrated aspect of oral hygiene is regularly cleaning your tongue. Using a professional tongue cleaning tool is a particularly useful way of eradicating harmful bacteria within the matter of a couple of minutes. Those suffering from bad breath would also benefit immensely if they inculcate the habit of regularly cleaning their tongue.

Visiting the Dentist with Regularity

Of course, you must urgently visit the dentist if you are struggling with a toothache or other dental complications; not doing so puts you at an immense risk of suffering from more advanced problems. However, don’t relegate your dental visits to just these ones. Visit your dentist in Edmonton at least bi-annually for regular check-ups to maintain good oral hygiene and to detect or prevent possible tooth conditions that are detrimental to your oral health.

If we had to sum it all up, just listen to what your mother told you when you were a kid! 🙂

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