Tooth Bridges Versus Implants: What Are The Differences?

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March 5, 2018
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Tooth Bridges Versus Implants: What Are The Differences?

Advantages of dental implants

Well, thank you for asking this question because it really isn’t a straightforward choice between tooth bridges and dental implants. Yes, both are restorative procedures. Yes, both these procedures will provide stability to the alignment of the abiding teeth. And yes, both options will involve filling the gap. And yet, there are substantial differences between the two treatments; differences that you should consider before proceeding with one of these. Learn more about these key differences.

Primary Procedural Difference

A tooth bridge is a type of tooth replacement that is held in its position through the use of a metal frame. The frame is attached to the adjacent natural teeth, and the procedure in general needs a three-unit bridge. To accommodate the frame, some of the enamel of the healthy teeth is removed.

An implant has no bearing on the adjacent teeth as the titanium filling is attached directly into the jawbone as a replacement for the natural tooth. After fusing the implant, the procedure involves crown restoration.

Bone Availability

An advantage of a dental implant is that it prevents further loss of bone in the region where the extraction will take place, but that’s only in the scenario where enough bone is present in the first place. In the circumstance where the projected implant isn’t at a significant distance from the nerve canal, a dental bridge is a superior alternative as it doesn’t endanger your nerves in the long-run.

Location of the Procedure

The procedure you should opt for also depends on its location in your set of teeth. For all the advantages of getting dental implants, it isn’t preferred if you’re considering the procedure for your front teeth. The gums surrounding the front teeth are comparatively thin, and the artificial root would lie visible. It is for this reason that most dental clinics in Edmonton recommend dental implants for the back teeth.

The Costs Associated

It might all come down to the associated costs for the two procedures. The price of getting an implant is roughly 30-35% higher than the cost of getting a tooth bridge. The gap increases further if you have to replace more than one tooth.

The Estimated Time Taken

A standard implant procedure takes four months. That’s because it takes roughly four months for the bone to regrow from the root. You might need two extra months if you need a bone graft to aid the procedure. Tooth bridges don’t take as long to execute. As a matter of fact, you get a temporary bridge after the extraction, which is then replaced after a period of three months. It is for this reason that a bridge is considered a quick fix.

We highly recommend visiting a dental clinic in Edmonton to know more about your specific dental condition to determine which of our dental services is more suitable. Kindly request an appointment to avail our dental services.

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