Should You Use Dental Implants Instead of Braces

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February 27, 2018
Advantages of dental implants
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March 10, 2018
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Should You Use Dental Implants Instead of Braces

Advantages of dental implants

The primary purpose of dental implants is to replace a tooth you’ve lost due to eventual decay or an injury. The procedure simply involves inserting titanium implants into the jaw to act as a replacement for the missing tooth. This is then followed by attaching a prosthetic crown that acts like a regular tooth. While there are several advantages of getting dental implants, the question is – should you get dental implants instead of braces? Let us find out.

Fixing Misalignment

The primary reason you get braces is to make corrections to your misalignment, and braces are quite effective at that. The clear braces that are available today aren’t damaging to your appearance, as they are hardly noticeable. Unsurprisingly, braces have been successfully used through the preceding decades.

What about dental implants then, does that work to correct the misalignment? While implants are recognized as a means to correct crooked teeth, that’s not the primary purpose of getting implants, and it is for this reason, that braces, Invisalign, and even porcelain veneers are preferred over dental implants. That is not to say that dental implants don’t have their own advantages.

Advantages of Dental Implants

Those who have lost their teeth due to decay or an injury, or those who intend to replace their partially broken, chipped, or cracked teeth will find dental implants to be an excellent solution to their problems. Among the listed advantages of dental implants is a marked improvement in appearance, an improvement in speech, an increased comfort during eating, vastly improved oral health, and a boost in self-esteem. For these reasons, a dental implant is considered an invaluable dentistry procedure. If your misalignment is of secondary importance to you, getting implants for other dental shortcomings isn’t a bad idea by any means.

Improvement in Orthodontic Treatment

Implants, in certain cases, can be used as a means to accelerate the orthodontic treatment and make it more efficient, largely due to how durable they are. Implants can be utilized as an anchor for the orthodontic appliance as the post of the implant can easily support the appliance until they are replaced by a dental crown that looks more natural.

Approach a general dentist in Edmonton to learn more about the adequacy of dental implants for your condition instead of getting braces. In either case, your specific requirements and your dental situation must be thoroughly examined by a professional dental clinic in Edmonton before proceeding with a dental procedure. Request an appointment in case you believe your dental condition must be examined further or if you intend to proceed with a dental procedure.

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